Failed Mini-Implant Restoration

Courtney W. Shelbourne, DMD

Board Certified Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

Mini dental implants, implants less than 3mm in diameter, are useful for temporary support of a

removable prosthesis or denture. They can also be helpful in very small spaces for temporary

support of a fixed restoration such as an anterior incisor. It is not a commonly accepted practice

to use more than one mini-implant to support a fixed, single-crown restoration as was performed


Below is a case where the restoration on the mini-dental implants failed and was lost by the

patient. The restoration had been re-cemented multiple times before it was finally lost. The

mini-implants were removed so a standard implant could be placed the same day. Because the

mini-implants do not integrate with bone, they are easy to remove with the implant torque


A standard permanent implant engineered for posterior teeth is placed. Note the abundance of

soft tissue on the new implant relative to that seen in the mini-implants. Being able to place an

anatomical healing cuff on the standard implant while creating more soft tissue will provide a

much better restorative outcome. The restoration will be more aesthetic, more hygienic, and

more permanent than the previous implants. From this example, many differences between

mini-implants and standard implants are seen.


Nobel Biocare 5.5mm Active Implant with 7x8mm Anatomical Healing Cuff.








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