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3Di_image Bone grafting is sometimes necessary during dental implant surgery to augment the bone in the jaw so that it can support a dental implant. Usually grafts are done with a patient’s own bone, taken from the chin or other areas of the jaw. If a bone graft is needed it usually takes several months for the graft to provide enough structure to support the dental implant.

Why are bone grafts sometimes necessary?

When teeth are lost, the natural bone support in the jaws begins to dissolve. This process can be quite extensive leaving a large defect in the jaws. The bone loss may need to be replaced in order to support a dental implant. This is because a dental implant acts like a natural tooth root and needs bone support similar to a natural tooth root.

How do I know if a graft is necessary?

In order to determine if you have need for additional bone, we use the latest in conservative 3D imaging. This will show us the precise anatomy of your jaws so we can plan your treatment in advance and reduce complications.

Does the graft come from me or is there any other way to get bone?

Grafting at Shelbourne & Associates is done using the latest techniques and materials. Usually grafts are taken from the patient’s own bone, but there are several other methods for gaining good support for a dental implant.