Anatomic Healing Cuffs

Courtney W. Shelbourne, DMD


Dr. Shelbourne is proud to be the first surgeon in SC to use Nobel Biocares Anatomic Healing Cuffs.

Nobel Biocare has just developed a simple, yet novel approach to improving the restorative management of an implant. Their new anatomic healing cuffs mimic the future restoration and emergency profile much much better than the standard stock abutments we are accustomed to. The cuff, made of PEEK material, is simple to adjust if necessary prior to positioning. Currently, the abutment only comes in sizes/shapes appropriate for the posterior dentition. This cost-effective solution is sure to set the standard for soft tissue development prior to restoration. Whenever possible, Dr. Shelbourne will certainly use this approach to allow for the best possible restorative outcome.


#30 site post extraction & graft for site preservation. Note the small buccal atrophy of hard tissue support for the soft tissue.


Nobel Biocares 7mm x 8mm PEEK Anatomic Healing Cuff for 5.5mm diameter conical connection Active implants.


Anatomic Healing Cuff in place. all soft tissue was preserved and tucked under the buccal flap for augmentation of hard tissue defect.

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