Case Study: Dental Implants

Since starting my private practice in Charleston in 2002, I’ve always used the best surgical
principles and implant materials available. By doing this, I’ve been able to achieve the most
predictable, permanent, and aesthetically pleasing results. Below is an example of one of the
first immediately placed and immediately restored implants in Charleston that I placed in 2002.
The picture below taken in 2016, although revealing some aged teeth, also reveals excellent
maintenance of soft tissue architecture framing the implant supported tooth #8 for more than
14 years! There is absolutely no recession of soft tissue. This is predominantly because of the
maintenance of hard tissue underneath it. Maintenance of these two biological areas is directly
due to position and placement of the implant as well as proper shape of the
restoration…principles that remain true today.

2002 #8 tooth with vertical fracture prior to removal and implant 2002







2002 #8 tooth with immediately placed implant, zirconium abutment, and porcelain crown







2016 14 years later the soft tissue height and thickness is perfectly maintained thanks to the use of good surgical and restorative principles.



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